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Registration / Purchasing

Once you have downloaded NOTAM Check, you can evaluate the software for 30 consecutive days for free. The downloaded version is the full version but will automatically disable after 30 days. To continue to use NOTAM Check after the 30 day evaluation period requires the user to register.

How to register:

    Purchase from within Notam Check
    From within the NOTAM Check program, select Help then Purchase Full Version. Once you have followed the instructions, NOTAM Check will open your default web browser and take you to a secure NoChex website for a credit/debit card transaction. You must supply a valid email address. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an unlock code which allows NOTAM Check to function for an unlimited time.

    20 Private Pilots
    50 Commercial Operators/Flying Clubs/FTOs

How to Re-Register to another computer:

    If you wish to transfer your existing license to a new computer we can generate you a new unlock code and update our records. Conditions of the license transfer require you to then remove the previous installation of Notam Check from the old computer. To cover our administration costs we will charge 5 for this service.

  1. Send us your details
    From within the NOTAM Check program running on the new computer, select Help then About. Email us your your hard disk number shown on the screen along with your details. Please include your previous hard disk number or your previous unlock code. We will send you a new unlock code after we have received the Re-Registration fee shown below.

  2. Payment by Credit or Debit Card
    To make payment by credit or debit cards, click on the logos to the left or the link below. You will be taken to the NOCHEX secure website to make a transaction.

    You will be asked to confirm payment to Horizons Aviation Ltd., although your credit card statement will show the transaction to NOCHEX. You do not require a NOCHEX account to use this payment system. Please allow 1 to 4 days for the transaction although typically the transaction is almost immediate.

    Pay by credit or debit card (Re-Registration Only).

    5 Re-register to another computer

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