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  • Automatic download of PIB from NATS website
  • Automatic download of weather TAFs and METARs from Met Office website
  • True shape of NOTAMs displayed on to a map of UK - not a 'Q' line derived circle
  • Uses freely available data - No subscriptions required
  • Full English decode of NOTAMs, TAFs and METARs - No more unknown abbreviations
  • Over 1100 aerodromes (including Helicopter, Gliding, and Microlight), both civil and government (military) in database
  • Over 320 navigation aids in database
  • Over 235 Danger Zones in database
  • Over 16 HIRTA's in database
  • UK and France Airspace including Class A, Class D, MATZ's and ATZ's shown on map
  • User defined route can be selected including multiple waypoints and alternate aerodrome
  • User defined route can consist of any combination of aerodromes, co-ordinates or BGA turning points
  • Print Previews for map and user selectable NOTAMs with or without English decode
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 supported
  • 30 day fully functional trial - one off fee to register for unlimited use
  • Only 20 fee to register for private pilots, 50 for commercial operators/flying clubs
  • Constantly under development to incorporate new ideas from pilots
  • Free upgrades to registered users

Note : Vista users may have to lower their default Internet Explorer 7 settings to get the weather download to work.

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