Data Protection Act 1998 Policy

Accessing Information Held About You
You have a number of rights to access information stored about you by Horizons Aviation Ltd. When a request has been made in writing (which includes email to and upon payment of a fee (£10) to Horizons Aviation Ltd to cover our costs, you are entitled to be informed regarding any of your personal data stored by Horizons Aviation Ltd.

On making such a request you will be told:

  • What personal data is stored.
  • The purposes for which your data is being processed.
  • Who has access to your data.
Horizons Aviation Ltd does NOT pass any personal data to third parties. At all times you can ask Horizons Aviation Ltd to remove your personal data to ensure that you receive no further contact or information.

NOTE: Unless Horizons Aviation Ltd has received a request in writing, with the prescribed fee, Horizons Aviation Ltd is not required to comply with the userís request. Horizons Aviation Ltd is also not required to comply with a request where they have already complied with an identical or similar request by the same individual unless a reasonable interval has elapsed between compliance with the previous request and the making of the current request. In deciding what amounts to a reasonable interval, a number of factors would be considered: The nature of the data. The purpose for which the data are processed. The frequency with which the data is altered.