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21 July 2013
Important changes to NATS PIB briefs
28 April 2011
Version 7.10 released
11 August 2010
Version 7.03 released
27 May 2010
Version 7.02 released
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What is Notam Check?

NOTAM Check, produced by Horizons Aviation Limited, is a powerful Windows based NOTAM software which checks and plots NOTAMs on to a map. It is intended for use as part of flight planning. Users can 'Try before you Buy' with a fully functional 30 day trial.

Over 1100 aerodromes, both civil and government (military), over 160 disused aerodromes, over 235 Danger Zones and over 320 navigation aids are stored into a database accurate to one arc minute. Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIBs) containing NOTAMs are downloaded from the Internet and decodable NOTAMs are simultaneously displayed on to a map of the UK.

Example screenshot NOTAMs are displayed as their true shape and not a 'circle of influence' derived from a Q-line as seen in other NOTAM plotting software.

Moving the cursor over a red NOTAM will hi-light it and the relevant information is displayed with a left click. Every NOTAM is decoded into full English including the abbreviations which would otherwise make the NOTAMs very difficult to read or understand. NOTAM Check is the only software available to do this.

The map of the UK and France is simple to pan and zoom. Level of detail e.g. Airspace, ICAO designators and aerodrome full names can be controlled by the user to suit individuals preferences.

Route Waypoints

The pilot can overlay a multiple waypoint route with adjustable route width. The route can consist of aerodromes, co-ordinates, navigation aids or British Gliding Association Turning points.

From version 5.20, pilots can now create a Flight Log of their route. Notam Check automatically fills in true track and distance for each leg, the pilot then enters the wind, magnetic variation and TAS and Notam Check then calculates wind correction angle, ETA. The pilot can then print of the Flight Log for use in the cockpit.


< p class="siteText">Weather information, TAFs and METARs, are automatically downloaded from the Met Office website. A full English decode is available removing the confusion of the abbreviations. Users must first register with the Met Office website (free subscription) for this feature to work.

Who Uses Notam Check?

Notam Check is used by thousands of pilots on a regular basis as part of their pre-flight planning. From private pilots to commercial pilots, instructors and examiners our customer user base is large and varied from all fields of aviation.

Some of the categories of our customers using Notam Check are:

  • Private Pilots
  • Flight Training schools
  • Helicopter Pilots
  • Glider Pilots
  • Microlight Pilots
  • Flying Farmers
  • Examiners
  • Television/Film companies
  • British Government Agencies

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